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Our purpose is to help you overcome issues you are having with Excel spreadsheets and basic Accounting.  Whether it is building a budget for a small business, or learning the essentials of Excel so you can contribute more to your work department, we are here to help you!

Join us every Monday for a new BLOG post that deals with an Excel or Accounting issue (or both).

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In our complex world, it is refreshing to have a resource that helps you understand what you need to know without having to take a course that overwhelms you with every possible item that the software has.  When you are learning, you need someone to help get you started with the right tools so you can do your job and be a contributor in your department.  Our instructor has over 30 years experience using and conducting comprehensive, step by step training in both Excel spreadsheets and Accounting. 

K.D. from Minnesota said: "Dan takes his time describing each step.  He helped me to really 'get' Excel!"

We look forward to your comments, good or constructive, on our blog posts and our website.  Make sure you check out the other pages on the site.


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