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My mission at is to provide practical budgeting help for you, both personally and for your small business.  


Dan Heiland

I’m Dan Heiland, AKA “Dan the Budget Man!” 

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When I want to learn something, I go to people who have experience that will help me grow in that subect.  Here are 

For over 30 years I held a number of accounting leadership positions in multi-company organizations.  In those positions, my title changed, but I always was responsible for preparing the annual budgets for the companies in the organizations.  I was preparing the budgets for between 20 and 35 companies each year, depending upon how many companies we had at the time, as well as working with the managers  on their budget issues and challenges.  Those issues could range from learning how a budget works to doing a complete rebudget to address a minor budget change or a full blown operating model change.

The principal owners were entrepreneurial thinkers who were leaders in their fields and the organizations.  They created an environment where they were not the only entrepreneur in the company, everyone was expected to function and think that way.  That allowed os to be able to react quickly to what was happening.  They ran flat organizations where there were not a lot of managers between the front line workers and the owners.  Being in this type of environment was great experience and programmed me to think entrepreurnally. 

I applied this thinking to my other areas of responsiblity and it helped me greatly.  I was the primary support person for budget, accounting and computer training, including Excel, and I was tasked with providing comprehensive, step by step instruction and traininig.  Now I have taken that training and experience and am sharing those skills and customer driven focus with you on

Every Monday I post an article on my Blog:  In those articles I share budget creation tips and cost saving ideas, as well as great tips I have learned over the years being in business.  Subscribe to my blog to get a reminder and a link to each new post.

I also run a FREE Budget Prep workshop.  This workshop introduces you to the principles and basic skills you need to manage your cash flow and your business with a budget.  Sign up HERE to be notified the next time I run it.

When I run the Budget Prep workshop, I also open registration to my Budgeting Essentials - Budget Training Program.  This online video training takes you in detail through the principles and steps that will enable you to prepare a well thought out budget that allows you to manage your cash flow and put more money into your pocket each month!  Sign up for my Blog to supplement that training and you will be notified when registration is open.

Coming soon is my Budgeting Essentials - Personal Budget Training Program.  

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